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In this article, we are going to share the best home remedies for pain in hair roots.

Have you ever imagined yourself bald; it feels shocking right especially for women. Not only women but even men who are beauty conscious can never think of themselves as bald. Hair is not only a part of our body it is an identity-determining aspect also. Without our hair, we will look a lot different. Rather than beautifying us, hair has some other vital functions also.

The path of the human revolution began around the equatorial region in the African continent. The sun is directly overhead in this region and the temperature is also relatively high. To protect our brain, as it is the main command center of the body, the hair in our head becomes a natural cap for us. Moreover, in this article, we will refer to hair not only as the hair in our head but as the whole body like beard, mustache, pubes, and other parts.

To know about or get solutions to some problem, we need to understand the overall details of the subject to get into the depth of the matter and postulate a protocol and remedy that helps to eradicate the problem from its root.

How to Cure form Hair Root Pain

Thus, let us dive into solutions to “Pain in hair root” step by step; first by knowing the different types of hair and their function in our body.

Different types of hair and their functions

As mentioned in the introduction paragraph, the hair on our heads is not the only hair in our bodies. There are many different types of hair present in other parts of the body and depending on their location there can be different causes of pain in the hair root.

One thing is to be noted that although the hairs are present in different parts their buildup, that is morphology, anatomy, and physiology are the same.

So, the different types of hair are:

1) Head hair – The hair of our head as mentioned in the introductory paragraph provides insulation to our brain. Moreover, following the evolutionary traits it acts as a partner choosing character also.

2) Hair in nose and ears – The hair of our nose and ears is much smaller than the hair in other parts of our body. Their main function is to prevent the entry of large particles into the system. They serve only the protective function.

3) Beards, mustaches, and hair in legs and hands – Beards, mustaches, and hair in legs and hands are mostly observed in males. Thus, this represents male external sexual characters and also protects the underlying skin.

4) Pubic hair – Hair in the pubes is mostly considered unnecessary, but they do have a function. The pubic hair is a natural mechanism to protect ourselves from STDs like genital warts etc.

Hair and its structure

Hair can be classified into two parts.

i) Hair shaft – This is the main dead keratinized structure that we call hair. It protrudes out of the epidermis and is what we see as hair.

ii) Hair root – This is referred to as the follicle that lies below the epidermis in the dermal layers and is the living part of hair from where the hair grows.

Hair Root Pain Remedies

The shaft part being dead generally does not suffer any problems. All the problems originate in the root part.

Causes of Hair Root Pain

The main cause of hair root pain is infection or infestation. Besides these two factors, there is a wide variety of factors that can lead to hair root pain:

1) Ingrown hair – This problem occurs when the new hair after shaving or new curls around the follicle and grows in the dermis and is unable to penetrate out of the epidermis. This is quite painful and the pain originates in the root region. It is characterized by a bulge over the affected area. Sometimes while shaving if you do the following mistakes, ingrown hair can form:

i) Not using foam – Few people use soap or simple water instead of shaving foam. This can lead to ingrown hair.

ii) Shaving against the direction of hair growth-  If we shave against the direction of hair the new hair tip gets stuck in the skin and causes ingrown hair.

iii) Plucking hairs with hands Plucking hair with hands can be one of the most probable reasons for ingrown hair. As it looks, our hair is not that weak, especially if a person is under 50 and maintains good health. So, when we pluck the hair the shaft part is torn apart and the follicle is still present. This abnormal tear forces the living cell to produce a new hair shaft inwards, causing ingrown hair.

By avoiding these few practices we can avoid pain in hair roots by ingrown hair.

2) Traction Alopecia or ponytail hair pain –  This a problem caused mainly by people with long hair. This occurs when people try hairstyles that require tightly tying up the hair. Due to tightly tying the hair, the hair gets used to that particular position, and on loosening the hair it starts paining. The pain goes away on its own but over time doing the same thing can cause the follicle to damage and lead to hair loss and will also cause pain in the hair roots.

3) Dermatitis or severe Dandruff – It happens when the scalp is too dry. This causes the skin to crack, form scaly lesions, and cause pain in the hair roots accompanied by intense itching and burning sensation.

4) Infestation of Head lice – Infestation of head lice occurs if the hygiene of hair is not maintained or can happen from direct transfer from an already infected person if in close vicinity to the person. Head lice are very small insects that feed on human blood and live on the scalp. They cause itching and pain in hair roots.

5) Using densely toothed comb – Using a densely toothed comb affects the hair as it pulls the hair more tightly causing a stain on the hair root which can later lead to pain. So, it is better to use not too sparsely or too densely toothed comb.

6) Infection – Hair root pain due to infection is more common if you sweat too much or do not clean your hair properly, in simple words, your hair care routine is very poor. Infection in hair is mainly done by bacteria and can lead to problems like:

i) Ringworm

ii) Folliculitis

iii) Dermatitis etc.

7) Stress – Quite uncommon to see this cause in the “hair root pain” article, but too much stress indeed creates tension in your muscles, especially the muscles above the chest region like neck and shoulder muscles and facial muscles. Due to this tension in muscles, you can feel pain in your scalp or face issues like migraine, etc. The pain in my scalp might feel like a pain in the hair roots.

General Treatment of Hair root pain

In the general scenario of the present day, anyone who faces such an issue will go to a dermatologist or cosmetic surgeon to get a laser treatment or chemical therapy or use synthetic dermatological products that contain harmful chemicals like parabens that can over time accumulate in the skin and can cause diseases like cancer. So, this modern method is fast but yet heavy on both pocket and health. Thus, we can shift to our primitive dermal care methods, which are not only the least costly and readily available at home but 100% free of side effects.

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Home Remedies for Pain in Hair Roots

A few of these home remedies are helpful in hair root pain problems:

1) Drinking neem juice every day – Neem juice is the best remedy for any dermatological problem. This cleanses the blood and increases proper circulation in narrow capillaries involved in nourishing skin and hair follicles. 30 ml of raw neem juice if consumed mixed with 100 ml of water every morning on an empty stomach would start showing results in 2 to 3 days.

Hair Root Pain Home Remedies

Note: Drinking neem juice daily can lead to loose motion or a smell in the bowel or urine but no need to worry or stop the consumption because this is not any side effect. This just signifies that your body is getting rid of the toxins that were accumulated over the years. But be sure to buy at least 90% natural neem juice or make the juice yourself at home.

2) Coconut oil-sugar scrub for ingrown hair – This remedy is specifically for ingrown hair. Take coconut oil and add sugar to it. Now, scrub the area where there is ingrown hair gently with your fingertips to get rid of the problem. Just do this thrice a week and this will not only solve your ingrown hair problem but will also exfoliate the area where you will be scrubbing thereby removing the dead skin cells and brightening the area.

3) Baking soda – Take 1 tablespoon of baking soda, mix it with water, and form a paste. Apply this to your scalp. This will act as a scalp and hair cleanser and its antimicrobial properties will help reduce infection in the scalp.

4) Natural Ayurvedic Hair Mask – Take and mix these ingredients:

i) 3 Tablespoons curd – This reduces dryness in the scalp

ii) 1 Tablespoon Mahabhringraj oil – The best oil for hair rejuvenation and has Nagkesar that removes fungus.

iii) 1 Tablespoon lemon juice – Maintains the pH of the scalp, helps remove dead skin cells due to dermatitis or dandruff and reduces itching, and also helps fight lice infestation.

iv) Pea-sized medicinal camphor – Camphor has a natural cooling effect and thus soothes the underlying nerves in the hair root, reducing the pain and reversing the damage caused due to infection or mechanical injury like traction alopecia.

v) Borax powder – Referred to as “ Tankan Bhasma” in Ayurvedic scriptures is known to cure dandruff from its root cause.

After mixing these ingredients, apply this hair mask to the hair and keep it for 30 minutes. Now after 30 minutes wash off the mask with a natural or herbal shampoo. You will see the effect in one wash only.

Follow this twice a week. You can follow this thrice a week if the problem is very severe. Continue this for a month or two and all your hair problems will vanish.

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You can follow some precautions to avoid this situation:

1) Do not keep the hair too dry or too oily. Keep a balance between both.

2) Clean your hair regularly with water and twice a week with herbal shampoo.

3) Comb your hair regularly thrice a day This prevents the accumulation of dust.

4) For those who have long hair, do not tie the hair too tightly.

5) Do not scrub or itch your hair too hard.

6) Always get a proper haircut at intervals if your hair has grown too long.

When to see a doctor?

Follow these home remedies thoroughly and you will get 100% results. You need to consult a doctor under the following circumstances:

1) If your condition is not improving or remains the same or worsening after a week.

2) If you are facing other issues accompanied by these like frequent high fever.

Q1. Can Hair Root pain problems be fatal?

No, it is not fatal and does not cause any serious complications. It only disturbs your ease due to itching or burning sensation and can cause you problems in public places due to intense itching.

Q2. Is this problem communicable?

Yes, it can be communicable. So, do not use a comb, towels, or other personal belongings of the affected person as this can lead to the spread of fungal infection and lice.

Q3. Can it occur more than once?

Yes, the above-discussed points can affect a person more than once even if for the first time it was completely cured.

Q4. Will this problem go away on its own?

No. If this problem is left uncured then it will worsen and its effect may spread to adjacent parts like the face if the root cause is fungal infection.

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