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In this article, we are going to share knowledge on effective genital warts home treatment.

Warts, more or less known to everyone, are small outgrowths, often ignored or not looked into with much greater importance. They generally do not cause any problems. But having warts on the genitals is a great problem. Genitals are one of the most sensitive and delicate parts of our body. Thus, a little problem there creates an overall stimulus of discomfort throughout our mind.

Moreover, people are quite shy about private parts and not able to discuss any problem in their genital area freely with anyone. This shyness does not imply that one needs the disease to be hidden and kept under cover. In the age of the internet, good information is readily available in clicks and via this article, I will try to ensure that if the reader is suffering from genital wart I would convey the best of my knowledge about the problem and its solution So, that a systematic and effective protocol of treatment can be set up in the mind of the reader and the best solution can be achieved without letting others know about private problems.


What are warts?

Warts are classified under the class of tumors because they are an uncontrolled overgrowth on the body. Warts belong to the benign tumor class, meaning they are non-cancerous. Warts can occur in any part of the body both externally and internally. Warts are caused by the virus HPV (Human Papillomavirus). The virus causes the excess growth of keratin (a pigment that is responsible for the hardness of nails and hair) on the skin.

Identification of warts | Differentiating wart from a skin tag

Warts and skin tags are different.Their major differences are:

WartsSkin tags
 Warts are mainly found on the hands, lips and genital area.Skin tags can occur in any part of the body.
Warts are flat and round.Skin tags are joined to the skin by a root-like structure and generally hang or protrude down from the root area.
It is caused by the virus HPV and is highly contagious.It is caused by rubbing of skin and is non-contagious.

Transmission of Genital Warts

These are highly contagious and can transfer from skin to skin touch. Genital warts are STDs (Sexually Transmitted Diseases) that is it can be transferred via sexual contact of any form be it oral, vaginal, or anal.

In male genital warts can be found in:

1) lips or inner mouth

2) Penis


4) Inside and outside the anus

5) thighs

In women, genital warts can be found in:

1) lips or inner mouth.

2) Inside or outside the vagina and surrounding area.

3) Thighs

4) inside and outside the anus.

In women, all these symptoms can accompany vaginal discharge.

Complications in genital warts

In the case of genital warts, there are no serious complications because the warts are benign and the strain of HPV that causes Genital warts is not cancer-causing. But intense itchiness and profuse bleeding can accompany these warts. Moreover, if warts are left untreated for years then they might lead to anal, penile, or cervical cancer. Our genital area is actively involved when we are walking. So, they might cause problems while moving.


Precautions to prevent genital warts

Avoid unsafe sexual contact – In present stressful times and due to the availability of intense urges full content over the web sex has become a pure bliss and fantasy for the youth. The only way to prevent genital warts is by avoiding unsafe sexual contact. It is better not to indulge in sexual contact with partners whom we do not know totally or for a long time. A few points must be kept in mind:

1) Always use a condom while indulging in any form of sexual activity.

2) Warts can also spread from oral contact if any one of the partners has oral warts. So, total awareness about your partner is equally important as with a condom.

3) Do not indulge in any form of illicit sexual practices just because of fantasy.

Sexual Awareness is the only way to prevent genital warts.

Don’t while suffering from genital warts

There are a few things that one must not do while suffering from Genital Warts. These are:

1) Do not scratch or try to cut the wart. This will not help but rather worsen the situation.

2) Do not use a razor or trimmer to cut pubic hair, rather use scissors to carefully cut pubic hair without hurting warts.

3) Clean pubes with soft and gentle soaps.

4) Wear loose underwear and loose pants.

5) Do not indulge in any form of sexual activity as this might infect your partner. Moreover, it can also cause immense pain in the affected area and may lead to bleeding due to injury from friction.

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Genital Warts Home Treatment

First, I will suggest that you consult a doctor and go through the proper medication. Along with the course of medication, try these home remedies side by side because they are non-reactive and have no side effects. So, they will in no way interfere with the function of your medicines. Rather it will boost the treatment and will help to get a permanent and fast cure if followed with medication from doctors.

1) Using betel leaf and soda lime- A paste of soda lime should be applied over warts for 4 to 5 hours, and then it should slowly be tried to scrape off with the stalk of a betel leaf. This method should be followed for a week every day to get the best result.

2) Garlic paste – Applying garlic paste on the wart and then applying a band-aid over it overnight can cure the inflammation in warts and can shrink them due to the anti-viral properties of garlic.

3) Proper diet – A vitamin-rich diet can help a lot to increase the immunity of the body to fight viral infection.

4) Neem Turmeric paste – Neem and turmeric paste can be applied on warts to prevent further spreading of it.

5) Khadirarishta- The consumption of khadirarishta, an age-old ayurvedic medicine, helps with all types of overgrowth on the skin. This medicine should be taken after consulting an Ayurvedic practitioner. Take 3 ml of the medicine and mix it with 20 ml of water and drink it twice daily 30 minutes after a meal.

6) Onion juice – cut slices of onion and sprinkle salt on it and keep overnight. In the morning make a paste of this onion and extract the juice out of it leaving behind the residue. Apply the juice 3 to 4 times a day till the warts peel off.

7) Using Apple cider vinegar – soak a decent amount of apple cider vinegar in a cotton ball or absorbent gauze and place it on warts for 15 minutes. After 15 minutes, wash the vinegar with clean water. This will help to dry up warts, and they will later peel off.

8) Banana peel – Applying the inner part of a banana peel on warts and keeping it overnight is said to cure warts.

9) Using a green tea pouch – Green tea has anti-inflammatory properties in it. So, applying a hot green tea pouch on warts reduces it gradually.

So there are some most important genital warts home treatments.

Q1. Can Genital warts be permanently cured?

Yes, genital warts if treated properly generally disappear in a year.

Q2. Can home remedies solely cure genital warts?

Yes, but advice from a doctor should be definitely considered.

Q3. Does infection from HPV mean genital warts?

No, there are nearly 30 variants of HPV. All of them do not cause genital warts. Few of them like type 6 and 11 cause genital warts.

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