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In this article, we are going to provide knowledge on home remedies for Hydrocele and will also discuss other aspects.

Hydrocele, in medical lingo meaning “Hydro = water or fluid” and “cele= Tumor or fluid accumulated bulge” refers to the abnormal increase in the size of the scrotum in either both or any one of the testicular sides due to an accumulation of peritoneal fluid in the gap formed by parietal and visceral layers of tissues that are meant to protect the testicle from mechanical injury. This accumulation leads to a bulgy appearance of the scrotum which is not at all painful but surely brings a problem in mobility and fitting of clothes.

causes of hydrocele

Causes of Hydrocele

The cases of Hydrocele are mostly seen in newborn babies which are self-treated by the time they attain the age of 1 or 2 years. This is due to the pattern closing of the sac or pouch created by the lining of the canal that helps testicles travel to the scrotum at the last stage of fetal development.

In young children or adults, Hydrocele occurs as a result of mechanical injury. Thus, adults or young men who are involved in sports at a lower circuit in rural areas for whom regular health monitoring is not a readily available option are more prone to Hydrocele. Powerlifters and gym guys are no exception. 

Testicular torsion (coiling of the sperm cord; Vas deferens or mechanical misplacement of the position of the left and right testicle) is a cause of Hydrocele. Let’s check out various causes of Hydrocele.

 There are a few different types of Hydrocele in both pediatric and adult stages. They are:

1) Communicating Hydrocele – Seen in newborn baby boys, this Hydrocele is cured on its own as the child attains one year of age. This is due to the incomplete closing of the canal. Due to this incomplete closing, the fluid keeps moving between the abdomen and the scrotum. That is why sometimes it can be seen that the baby boy has a normal scrotum but after some time it appears swollen and this change keeps on occurring. If this Hydrocele is not cured after the boy has attained 1 year of age, then please do look for medical advice from healthcare professionals.

2) Non-communicating Hydrocele – Also seen in Newborn boys, this occurs when the canal is completely closed and the fluid is trapped in the scrotum and has no way back to the abdomen. This is not self-cured after the boy is 1 year of age. This requires treatment to be cured.

3) Reactive Hydrocele- Seen in children and adults, this Hydrocele is caused injury, infection, or testicular torsion.

4) Hydrocele of the cord – This is also seen in children at a young age, this occurs when the canal is closed, but the fluid is trapped in the spermatic cords. This Hydrocele has surgery as the only method to be cured.

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Though Hydrocele is visible as a bulge in the scrotum, an ultrasound is preferably used to diagnose it to know its type and severity.

Treatment of Hydrocele

For the treatment of Hydrocele following modern medical science, the patient can consult a pediatric surgeon in the case of a child and a General surgeon or Urologist in the case of an adult.

People wanting to venture a different route of treatment to avoid surgery may consult an MD, in Homeopathic medicine or Ayurveda to get a cure.

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Home remedies for Hydrocele

Before sharing the Home remedies here is a must-read note for the readers.

Note: I think you are resorting to home remedies mainly because of two factors. Firstly, you want to avoid surgery. If this is the reason then I will ask you to feel free to confess this to your doctor and ask him for any way like external draining of the fluid or medicines to cure the disease. If he is adamant about surgery then please consult with a different doctor and if nothing works out then change the method of treatment and look forward to methods like Homeopathy and Ayurveda. Do follow the home remedies along with conventional medicine of any approved medical science.

Secondly, surgery requires a handsome amount of hospital bills which can be sometimes heavy on the pocket. So, in such a scenario, please have a talk with the management and ask for a method of payment in installments or visit a government hospital where the cost is totally free or negligible.

Remember every medical condition requires proper identification and diagnosis. Always consult a healthcare professional. Home remedies surely cure, but they should always be followed along with the advice of a doctor.

So, here are the home remedies you can use to cure Hydrocele.

1) Using Ice packs – Using ice packs over the scrotum will help if the pain is persistent in the region. It will also help to soothe the inflamed muscles.

2) Salt water therapy – Salts generally absorb fluids. So, saltwater therapy can be used to cure Hydrocele. For this, you can fill your bathtub with lukewarm water and add about 100 grams of Epsom or rock salt and can sit with your pelvis dipped in the water for 10 mins or simply take the saltwater in a mug and shower your scrotum slowly with the salt water.

The warm salt water will reduce the inflammation and will help to drain out the fluid.

3) Follow a healthy lifestyle- A healthy lifestyle is to be followed because it will increase the overall immunity of the body which in terms will reduce the risk of infection.

4) Get scrotal support – Scrotal support will be helpful to carry out daily chores with ease.

5) Amla and aloe vera juice with Triphala powder – Everybody knows the benefits of Amla and aloe vera. These are super concoctions for any disease. The juice of Amla and aloe vera if consumed on an empty stomach in the morning after mixing it with half a teaspoon of age-old ayurvedic medicine triphala powder can help in Hydrocele.

6) Green tea – Applying a bag of used green tea over the scrotum is extremely beneficial as green tea has anti-inflammatory properties. If green tea is not available then ginger paste can also be used.

These are some of the valuable home remedies for Hydrocele.

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Precaution during Hydrocele

Few precautions should be taken during Hydrocele for faster recovery.

1) Avoid wearing tight jeans as they would cause a problem.

2) Do not wear tight underwear made of synthetic fibers; use scrotal support.

3) Avoid the gym and exercise till the problem is not cured.

4) Do not try to trim or shave the scrotum, rather use scissors carefully to cut the hair small.

5) Abstain from intercourse as you may unknowingly hurt the scrotum and worsen the pain.

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Q1. Can children follow these home remedies?

Children can follow all the remedies but children below 15 years of age should not consume the triphala powder without the advice of an Ayurvedic physician.

Q2. Can Hydrocele occur again once cured?

Yes, it can occur if there is again an infection or injury.

Q3. What if I do not get results in medicine and home remedies?

Take advice from a doctor, follow the remedies, and wait for a year. Keep monitoring the status of the bulge; if it gradually reduces then ok but if it remains constant even after a year or increases in size, or you feel a sense of pain then do not think twice about surgery. Consult your doctor and quickly get the surgery done.

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